Who said tornadoes have to be trouble?
Not when they're swirling through Tornado Town!

Did the cows go for a twirl?
You bet!

Is the farmhouse spinning on a whimsy wind?

And the fences? They're dancing around the dough!

The Tornado theme turns any day into a whirlwind of joy. With cute little cows, a spinning farmhouse, and a fence to keep them in, it’s all about fun in the eye of the storm.

Create your own tornado tales - what fun will you stir up today?

*My husband's personal favorite!*


What if the dough dries from being left out?

• Don't throw away!

• If you want to soften the dough, simply damp fingertips with water and knead.

• If stored in airtight jar, it can stay fresh for 6 + months.

What are the allergens?

It contains wheat and coconut oil.

Will the product match the photo exactly?

The beauty of handcrafted products is that each of our play dough themes and minis are unique. While the overall theme and quality will be consistent with what you see in our photos, the specific toys and accessories included may vary. This ensures that each jar you receive is distinctly yours, adding to the excitement and discovery with every unboxing!

WARNING - Small parts are choking hazard - not intended for kids under 3 years old. Parental supervision required at all times when playing with these items.