How is my playdough different?

My handcrafted play dough can be rehydrated with a few drops of water.

Each play dough kit includes the perfect toys and accessories to maximize playtime.

And it's conveniently packaged so that you can enjoy it wherever you go!

Say Hello to Calm, Happy, and Creative Experiences

Just For You

Sensory rich play is inclusive for everyone in any environment. Indoors - check. Outdoors - check. On the moon? Probably. (Just need the right training and equipment!).

And Your Brain

While you play, connections on the brain's pathways are being made which lead to improved cognitive development, memory, and language.

And Your Body

A body is made up of lots of muscles that can become tense or agitated. Sensory play helps calm the body while developing fine and gross motor skills.

How Do You Play?

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