Galaxy Jar

Type: Themed Jar

When you need some Space.

Go to the place that has all of it!

It’s quiet, quite big, and I quote…

“I’m afraid of heights and I still love it!”

Says the astronaut afraid of heights.

“Oh, and floating is easy.

Try catching a space rock!”


6oz Starry Galaxy Dough

1 Wooden Star/Moon (Chosen at Random)

1 American Flag

1 Mini-Plastic Jar of Stardust

3 Grey Asteroids

3 Golden Star Clusters

3 Black Meteorites

1 Large Astronaut (Chosen at Random.)

1 Space Ship (Chosen at Random.)

1 UFO (Chosen at Random.)

1 Planet (Chosen at Random.)

3 Silver or Gold Galaxy Swirls

Dough Ingredients: Baked Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Pure Crème of Tartar, (Food Coloring).

What if you accidentally eat some of the dough?

• Our handmade dough is non-toxic and taste safe! (See ingredients above.)

What if the dough dries from being left out?


• If you want to soften the dough, simply damp fingertips with water and knead.

• If stored in airtight jar, it can stay fresh for 6 + months.

WARNING - Small parts are choking hazard - not intended for kids under 3 years old. Parental supervision required at all times when playing with these items.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing product

My 7 year old twin boys picked out the cupcake and ice cream jars. The imagine play they are doing is so fun and continuing for a long time (thabk you). The quality of this product is beyond my expectations!