Watermelon Dough Pop


Dough Pops poppin' on the Dough Pop Tree!

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Dough Ingredients: Baked Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Pure Crème of Tartar, (Black Beans), (Sparkles), (Plastic Ice Rocks), (Straw), (Food Coloring).


What if you accidentally eat some of the dough?

• Our handmade dough is non-toxic and taste safe! (See ingredients above.)

What if the dough dries from being left out?

• After prolonged use, it may dry.

• If you want to soften the dough, simply damp fingertips with water and knead.

• If stored in airtight jar, it can stay fresh for 6 + months.

WARNING - Small parts are choking hazard - not intended for kids under 3 years old. Parental supervision required at all times when playing with these items.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I can't stop saying this word: magical. The care and creativity put into these jars helps make for a magical playtime experience. We loved this for before-Christmas play, created snowman and winter scenes. I have to admit that it didn't give me the free moment as advertised, because I also wanted to play a bit :) One criticism is that it would be nicer if all the dough was separated with the paper that one jar was. It's not a big deals, since we ended up with multiple colors (green and white became green, white, AND light green). Still, since the smell-good ones (brown and cream) were separated by a paper, it seems like an easy fix.

Abby Lynch
Perfect for the holidays!

We love our winter bundle! Such a great no-prep way to get kids creative, occupied, and excited for the season!

Lara King
So fun!

Our 3 y/o absolutely loves to create and all the hands-on imaginative play!